Channing & Jenna Dewan Tatum’s Daughter Is Easter Egg Adorable

Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum are surely riding high after inking a deal with NBC to produce a dance competition show. They were feeling their oats so much that they decided to just flaunt the rules of space and time and take their daughter out Easter egg hunting a few days early.

Celebs play by their own rules, it’s hard just to keep up. The husband and wife dance team took their daughter, Everly, to a combination petting zoo/farm to kick off the holiday both early and in style. Jenna shared a few images of the hunt and its aftermath, both of which look equally magical.


Early Easter Eggs

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They got Everly to put some clothes on, at least, as she toddled around the farm grabbing stuff. Of course, she was coordinated with her Easter egg basket. Less predictable was the weirdly desolate cornfield in which she was picking eggs. What's up with that place? It looks like someone’s about to pop out and hit Scatman Crothers in the chest with an axe and then freeze to death after chasing his son through it because ghosts drove him insane. (It looks like The Shining, is what we’re trying to say.)

I'm obsessed

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Then Jenna took a photo of an ostrich with the caption “obsessed.” Us too, we’re sure.


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