A Customer Refused To Tip Her Waitress For The Worst Reason

On Tuesday, waiter Taelor May Beeck not only found out that a customer stiffed her for the tip, but also left an unbelievable note: “Tips are only for normal looking people.” Beeck fired back on her Facebook page, writing, “S/O to this girl for stiffing me cuz I look like a weirdo~hope she feels better about herself.” Now, her post is going viral as people share in Beeck’s well-founded outrage.

This note is wrong on multiple levels. First off, it is presumably referring to Beeck's pink hair — which is positively stunning. But even if it’s not “normal” (whatever that is), tips aren’t just for normal-looking people. They’re for everyone in the service industry — waiters' low hourly wages aren’t exactly a secret, so the idea of refusing to tip anyone is already horrible.

And maybe least importantly, but infuriatingly, this customer was eating at a place called Zombie Burger, a not-normal place where there are plenty of not-normal-looking people (the undead) painted on the walls. Getting an amazingly individual waiter like Beeck at a place like that isn’t exactly shocking.

Zombie Burger stands by Beeck and all its “not normal” waitstaff. “We stand behind our staff and the fact that they celebrate who they are because that is at the core of Zombie Burger’s mission and a large part of what makes that environment special,” a spokesman told The Des Moines Register.

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