Emma Watson & J.K. Rowling Are Each Other's Biggest Fans

Emma Watson and J.K. Rowling go way back — to the beginning of the Harry Potter movie days. But it seems like they're still pretty tight, given the sweet exchange between the author and the actress this International Women's Day.

Watson, who heads up the gender equality platform HeForShe, excitedly shared on Twitter Tuesday that an emoji for her organization has been officially created. J.K. Rowling noticed Watson's tweet and took the opportunity to lavish praise on the 25-year-old feminist icon.

Image: Via Twitter.
(See the little emoji? It's the black and magenta thing. It shows up automatically when you type #HeForShe into Twitter.)

When Watson saw Rowling's tweet, she followed up with a message that essentially meant: ditto.

Image: Via Twitter.
Pretty adorable, these two. And with the power of their feminist forces combined, we can't wait to see what they might accomplish together — beyond bringing Hermione to life, of course.

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