Quiz Time: Are You Looking At Adele Or Her Swedish Face Twin?

Photo: Broadimage/REX Shutterstock.
We all know there is only one Adele in the world today. That said, the British singer has a look-alike. And the extent of their aesthetic twinning is freaking us out a little bit.

Ellinor Hellborg is a 22-year-old Swedish woman who majorly resembles the English chanteuse. "I had thought about looking similar to Adele before," she recently told The Mirror. But the extent of their similarities didn't become clear to her until commenters began calling it out on social media.

Hellborg said she could see the likeness between herself and the award-winning singer in profile. But she didn't really give it much thought until people started pointing it out to her. "Of course Adele is very beautiful, so naturally I take it as a compliment," she added.

The resemblance is seriously striking. Can you tell the difference between Ellinor and Adele in the following slides?
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Instagram/Ellinor Hellborg.
Oh, hey there, Adele!

Just kidding. Iiiiiiit's Ellinor!
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Instagram/Ellinor Hellborg.
Still not Adele, but we totally get why you might think that.
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Instagram/Ellinor Hellborg.
Perhaps this is Adele, listening back to tracks she recently recorded?

Nope. Just Ellinor in headphones.
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Instagram/Ellinor Hellborg.
Oh, hey! It's Adele. (Lies: It's still Ellinor.)
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Instagram/Ellinor Hellborg.
Wait, how did Zooey Deschanel sneak in here?

Just kidding. It's Ellinor: the bangs edition.
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Photo: Jim Smeal/REX Shutterstock.
There's our girl. Hey, Adele! How was Disneyland?

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