Tokyo Residents Celebrate A Rare Snowfall In The Best Way Possible

Tokyo doesn't get snow often, but when the Japanese capital does see snowfall, its residents make the most of it.

On Monday, Tokyo received more than two inches of snowfall, The Japan Times reports. Japan's Kanto region, which includes Tokyo, was forecast to receive roughly 15 inches of snow this week.

While 15 inches of snow may not sound like a lot for people accustomed to cold climates, for Tokyo, it's a true rarity. The wintry conditions posed some danger to residents. According to The Japan Times, as many as 250 people in Tokyo were injured in snow-related incidents on Monday as weather "wreaked havoc with transportation systems." But many Tokyo dwellers were able to stay safe and still have fun. If Twitter and Instagram are any indication, people in Tokyo made a variety of snow sculptures, and some of them, honestly, are pretty disturbing.

The Tokyo sculptures ranged from faces, like this snow creation of a face near Waseda Station, to full-blown snow sculptures of people, and even the moai statues from Easter Island.

Snoai! #tokyosnow #orisiteasterisland #yanaka

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Let it go.. Let it go.. #TokyoSnow2016 #snowman

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Some of the snow sculptures were replicas of statues of Hachiko, a Japanese dog honored for his loyalty to his owner.
Others created snow replicas of Totoro and Frozen's Olaf.

学校近くのコンビニに雪トトロ #雪 #totoro #トトロ #kawaii #かわいい

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Not everyone was thrilled about the snowfall, though.

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