Watch Two Pit Bulls Help Heal Blind Kittens

Cue the waterworks: Some visually impaired cats are getting a new lease on life, thanks to some help from two very special pit bulls.

Sherry Stewart and her daughter, Annie Hake, have been fostering cats and dogs for the past three years with Faithful Friends, a Delaware area animal rescue. To date, over 80 rescue animals have come through her home. Recently, they took in Helen, who was "emaciated and flea-ridden" when she came to them, according to Delaware Online, and had to have her eyes removed due to glaucoma. Soon after, two more blind cats arrived on the scene: a duo of kittens named Bruce and Willis.

That's where a pair of pit bulls named Alfie and Frankie come in. The dogs, both rescues themselves, welcomed the new cats into their foster home, where they all quickly became friends.

Foster kitten Bruce has found a new favorite sleeping spot󾌵 Bruce and his brother Willis may be visually impaired, but...

Posted by Sherry Stewart on Sunday, December 13, 2015
"Frankie and Alfie are pretty nurturing when it comes to bringing in new animals that need a little special help," Stewart told Delaware Online. They have taken a special interest in the three cats, cuddling with them, and enjoying playtime with the kittens. When they were recovering from their surgery, Frankie was especially affectionate, licking their wounds "like their mother would."

Fun Frankie has a new sidekick - foster kitten Bruce (he kind of blends in) 󾌵

Posted by Sherry Stewart on Thursday, December 17, 2015
In addition to befriending the rescues that come through Stewart's house, one of the dogs, Alfie, also serves as a therapy dog at a local children's hospital. It's worth noting that he was a victim of animal cruelty before Stewart adopted him.

Helen already has a potential adopter lined up, while the kittens will be available for adoption as a pair soon. Watch a video of the new friends in action below.

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