13 Celebs You Forgot Were On Your Favorite Teen TV Shows

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Nostalgia binge-watching doesn't have to be a dull pastime. You can mix it up with a fun drinking game. Take a shot whenever you see an honest-to-god, not-yet movie star in a bit part as a moody seventh grader. Or a blockbuster king show up in a Disney Channel show just long enough that you know his mom really bragged about it at Thanksgiving. Or Chris Pratt just being Chris Pratt on a show you totally forgot Chris Pratt was even on.

Few actors kick off their careers in star-making roles. Even Jennifer Lawrence was once a lowly mascot on Monk. Seeing the bad haircuts and embarrassing outfits can be fun. But it's also kind of reassuring to realize that where your career is now can be so different from where it will be in 10 years.
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Brittany Murphy on Boy Meets World (1995)
Still rocking her Clueless look as Topanga's BFF (the one who teams up with Shawn to finally get the pair together).
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Mila Kunis on 7th Heaven (1996-1997)
Kunis had moved beyond Lisa Frank ads to play the middle school mean girl, an age-old type instantly recognizable to any woman who's had to deal with pre-teen politics. Though she starts out as Lucy's friend, she morphs into a boyfriend-stealer when she goes out with Jimmy Moon (who, for any fair-weather 7th Heaven fan who dropped out before the later seasons, grows up to get Lucy out of jury duty when she's assigned to his trial).
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Jennifer Love Hewitt on Boy Meets World (1998)
The response to a stranger greeting you with a passionate kiss is rarely "you're friendly," but that's an issue for another slideshow. Hewitt is another victim of the creepy killer in BMW's slasher flick send-up episode.
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt on That '70s Show (1998)
Gordon-Levitt is just so adorable here highlighting the ridiculousness of gay panic as one of Eric's few friends outside the haze of the basement circle.
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Britney Spears on Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1999)
Don't stress if you forgot this cameo. Britney loves popping up on sitcoms. Other '90s shows she appeared on include The Famous Jett Jackson and Kenan & Kel.
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Amy Adams on Smallville (2001)
Before she was a five-time Oscar nominee, Amy Adams was going on an alien-fueled crash diet and eating a deer by the side of the road (and almost going out on a date with Pete).
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Zachary Quinto on Lizzie McGuire (2002)
Because even the stars of big name sci-fi franchises sometimes get their start on The Disney Channel — in this case as the director of a sports drink commercial.
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Nick Offerman on Gilmore Girls (2003)
As Jackson's brother, Offerman proves that the gruff mode he perfects on Parks and Rec isn't always charming — and he should always, always have a beard. His chin looks so naked.
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Paris Hilton on Veronica Mars (2004)
Hilton actually appears in quite a few shows from the early to mid 2000s, including The O.C., George Lopez, and American Dreams. Here she plays a Neptune High '09-er often found on the lap of Logan Echolls.
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Krysten Ritter on Gilmore Girls (2006-2007)
Not even the future Jessica Jones could save the dialogue of the Gilmore Girls' seventh season. She plays Rory's first new Yale bestie, a kindred spirit located after four years at the Ivy. (I think the writers might have just finished eating some rice in this scene.)
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Chris Pratt on The O.C. (2006-2007)
Because every casting director ever has looked at Chris Pratt and said, "He's perfect. But he'd be even more perfect with less clothing and more guitar." (Though his roommate Seth Cohen doesn't seem to agree.)
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James Van Der Beek on One Tree Hill (2008-2009)
Van Der Beek appears as a film director (briefly) employed by Lucas, because 2000s teens need to get a little time with a '90s teen legend.
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Hilary Duff on Gossip Girl (2009)
"What is Lizzie McGuire doing?!?" said a lot of channel-surfing moms, probably. Duff appears as Hollywood star Olivia Burke, who would have been Dan's "one who got away" if he could actually fall in love with anyone besides Serena.

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