Every '90s Girl Was In Love With These Celebrities 20 Years Ago

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Let's go back in time for a minute. Specifically, to the year 1995.

It was the year that Empire Records made its debut. Everyone was listening to TLC's "Waterfalls." Not to mention we all made a lot of bad hair and makeup decisions. However, for those of us between the ages of 13 to 18, it was a prime year for crushing.

It was the start of many crush-worthy celeb's careers. For some, 1995 was their peak of hotness. But regardless, they were all so perfect that if the word had existed at the time, we would have surely called them "bae."
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Devon Sawa

Devon Sawa first established his crush status in 1994, when he starred as the quarterback of our dreams in Little Giants. In 1995, he upgraded to full-on bae. He starred in Now and Then, as love interest to Christina Ricci. And then again (damn, that lucky Christina Ricci!) in Casper, where he uttered a line so beautiful and creepy that it's stuck with you always: "Can I keep you?" Yes, bae. Yes.
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Jonathan Taylor Thomas

If you weren't down with JTT, then you probably weren't born until 1995 or later. Jonathan Taylor Thomas was equal parts snarky and adorable. He was pretty much the only reason to watch Home Improvement. And did we mention he was the voice of Simba in The Lion King? Yes, he looked like a little girl in the mid-90s, but he was still bae.
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Liv Tyler

In the early 1990s, Liv Tyler was introduced to us by none other than her father, Steven. She starred in Aerosmith's "Crazy" music video, where she smiled, danced, and striped down to her bra and panties (yes, that's creepy). So we were already in love by the time 1995 rolled around. That year, she starred in Empire Records — wearing the perfect plaid skirt, midriff-revealing fuzzy sweater, and combat boots. She was totally bae.
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Will Smith

In the 1990s, Will Smith was everything. He had chart-topping songs, a hit TV show, and was starting a successful film career. But he was probably best known for his role on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. On the show, he always had beautiful girlfriends (Tyra Banks, Nia Long, etc.), who were undoubtedly attracted to his cute smile and hilarious antics. And there's nothing better than bae making you laugh.
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Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd was first put on bae-watch in 1995, when he co-starred in Clueless. His character Josh was moody, protective, discussed Hamlet, and wore flannel as more than a nod to the crisp Seattle weather. Yes, we were — and still are — majorly, totally, butt-crazy in love with Paul Rudd. Bae never ages.
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Jared Leto

Oh, Jordan Catalano. My So-Called Life ended in January 1995, but it doesn't matter. By then, we'd already fallen in love with Jared Leto. What’s the only thing hotter than angsty bae? Bae when he's wearing a choker and flannel.
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It would be another two years before Usher asked us to take it "Nice and Slow," or sing "You Make Me Wanna." But in 1995, young Usher Raymond was already breaking hearts. His first album had been released, he sang a duet with Monica, and did the most 90s thing ever: he sang a song for the Kazaam soundtrack. This was the year that started it all for Usher, the boy who dropped his pants during performances. Bae, leave your clothes on in public
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Alicia Silverstone

Wasn't she a Betty? By 1995, Alicia Silverstone had reached peak-bae. Before 1995, she was already the girl of your 90s teen dreams after appearing in three Aerosmith videos for the songs "Crazy," "Cryin," and "Amazing." But she reached superstardom with the release of Clueless. Sure, she was a virgin who couldn't drive, but she was also bae.
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Rider Strong

Rider Strong played Shawn Hunter on Boy Meets World. And he was the ultimate wounded, bad boy. Hunter always wore a leather jacket and he had perfect hair. Yes, he came from a broken home. Yes, he was a run away. And yes, he always broke hearts. But isn't that what we love about bae?
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Selena Quintanilla

This is one bae you'll love forever. Selena could sing, she could dance, and she was absolutely beautiful. Watching her twirl around in bustiers gave you so many feels. Unfortunately, Selena was at the height of her career in 1995, when she was shot and killed. We never got to see how great Selena could have become, but she'll always be our bae.
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Leonardo DiCaprio

There is no bae more important than the ultimate bae: Leonardo DiCaprio. He was also more simply known as just "Leo," which you whispered breathlessly while staring at your copy of Tiger Beat. He had the perfect hair and piercing eyes. In 1995, he was just starting sizzle, with his role in the Basketball Diaries. But in the years to come, he would melt your heart with his performances in Romeo + Juliet, and Titanic. Oh, Leo. You are bae-utiful. Never change.

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