Sell Your Emotional Baggage Using This eBay For Breakups

Sometimes, a breakup is so bad, so emotional, that you want to erase every piece of your ex from your life. That means dumping (or in extreme cases, burning) all the shoes, clothes, and gifts from your former significant other. But maybe it doesn't have to go down like that. A new website wants to turn your breakup baggage into cold, hard cash.

Online marketplace Never Liked It Anyway lets you sell anything and everything that reminds you of your stupid ex.

“If you look at it, there’s $2 billion in the dating space and zero dollars in the break-up space," Never Liked It Anyway founder Bella Acton told Quartz.
Photo: Courtesy Of Never Liked It Anyway.
On the site, people sell gifts from former flames, wedding dresses, bicycles, purses, necklaces, and lots of engagement rings. According to Buzzfeed, the most expensive item ever sold on the site was a diamond ring that went for $18,500.
But the website offers a lot more than just cash for trash. It's also a space for the emotionally jilted, recently dumped, and heartbroken to vent and mend. There's even a "Tell It" section for users to share their pain and connect with others.
Photo: Courtesy Of Never Liked It Anyway.
“We started Never Liked It Anyway to make moving on easier. It’s a place to shed the stories and the stuff,” Acton told The Atlantic.

Moving on is made easier with the "Break Up Services" section of the site. One of the best features is the "Get Back To Fabulous" section, which includes a "Bounce Back Box" filled with lip gloss, nail polish, and other goodies to help those suffering from a broken heart. There's also a "Bounce Back Stack" of cards with 50 pieces of advice to help you heal.

So if you've recently dumped or been dumped and are in need of some emotional and financial support, this site might be just right for you.

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