Oreo's New Holiday Treat Is Next-Level

I am horrible at Christmas shopping. I think it’s a total drag, which means I leave it until the last minute and that makes for, well, kind of shitty gifts. But this year is going to be different, thanks to an unexpected source: Oreo. The cookie brand is saving our collective holiday gift-giving butts (okay, maybe just mine) by allowing fans to customize their Oreo packs.
That's right: For the first time ever, Oreo is getting into the direct-to-consumer e-comm space with customizable packaging by artists Jeremyville and Timothy Goodman.
Photo: Courtesy of Oreo.
I mean, who would not love this? Oreo is inviting fans to color in the packaging by hand — or, if you’re too impatient to do that, you can color it in digitally online. You can even customize the holiday, which means I've covered my gifts for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa as well. Thank you, Oreo!

The super-limited-edition packs cost $15 and will be available on a new Oreo site (www.shop.oreo.com) from mid-November.

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