Jimmy Fallon's Clothing Line Is As Goofy As You'd Expect

Photo: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC.
When Jimmy Fallon puts his name on a project, it's bound to be something that requires a sense of humor. Even a fashion line can be kind of goofy if Fallon is involved. The Tonight Show host is partnering with G-III Apparel Group, which owns licensing for brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, on a line of clothing tailored specifically to sports-spectators, called Hands High, according to WWD.

The name itself pretty much sums up the project. The idea is to place your favorite team's logo where it'll actually be seen during a heated match: in your armpit. The T-shirts and hoodies will retail for $35 and $75 or $85, respectively. This new, clever underarm position is "the best place in the world to put a logo," as Morris Goldfarb, chairman and chief executive officer at G-III, told WWD. Hands High will debut in stores this month with men's garb that includes logos from NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB teams, with plans to include college team merch in the future. Women's and children's sizes of the spirit gear will hit stores come spring.

Not much of a flailing-arms-in-the-air kind of sports fan? No problem: There will also be traditional placement of your beloved team's logo, on the front of the garments. So you don't have to do a fist-pump/battle cry move to flaunt your athletic allegiance — but you'll probably want to. When else do you have something in your pits worth showing off?

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