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Maybe you were too busy last spring to fit a brand new show into your schedule. Maybe nobody told you that Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas and co-writer Diane Ruggiero-Wright had a new series on the CW. Maybe you thought this premise would somehow not be awesome: A girl named Liv Moore (Rose McIver) turns into a zombie, and uses the visions she gets after eating murder victims' brains to help find out who killed them. Don't worry; you can fix the error in your ways when iZombie returns on October 6.

You don't even need to binge the whole 13 episodes of season one before you dive right into the new episodes (though you'll want to watch them eventually). We've created a little guide to catch you up on the show (which is based on a comic book by the same name) and its delightful (if sometimes brain-craving) characters. We'll skip over the episodic details about the murders Liv solves with Police Detective Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) and go straight to the good stuff: Liv's zombie problems, BFFs, and tricky love life. To do so, we're using the creative efforts (well, the GIFs) of the iZombie fans, who are so rabid, they've already won an MTV Fandom Award. Trust us, you might be joining their horde very soon.
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The Boat Party

Liv starts out as quite the Meredith Grey wannabe— a surgical medical resident in Seattle with a perfect life and a perfect fiancé, who encourages her to go out and join a coworker at a boat party. Big mistake: Some kind of interaction between an energy drink called Max Rager and a designer drug called Utopium causes partygoers to go psycho and start killing each other. Liv tries to escape, but is scratched in the arm by drug dealer Blaine DeBeers (David Anders) and sent overboard to her death.
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Craving Brains

The next thing Liv knows, she's waking up in a body bag, starving for gray matter, and rapidly losing pigment in her skin and hair.
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Now, I'm Angry!

If Liv gets too hungry, angry, or excited, she goes "full zombie" like this. Also, she loses her humanity if she doesn't get a regular dose of brains.
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Major Loss

She catches on to her condition pretty quickly and knows she's a danger to everyone around her. That's why she quits her residency and breaks things off with her fiancé Major Lilywhite (Robert Buckley) even though he looks like this.
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We Heart Peyton

Though Liv has dropped most of her past life, she does still live with her best friend Peyton Charles (Aly Michalka), an assistant district attorney.
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The Medical Examiner

For her new meal ticket, Liv gets a job at the Medical Examiner's office, which turns out to be the best decision ever. Not only is her new boss, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli), incredibly cute and sweet, but he also happens to be a horror movie geek who used to work for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He guesses Liv's condition and wants to help her find the cure.
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The Spice Of Life

BTW, zombies have to eat brains, but they don't necessarily like the taste. They do like hot sauce, though.
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A Side Effect

Whenever zombies eat brains, they begin to take on the personalities of the people they once belonged to. This is often a hilarious effect, like when Liv's eaten a drunk, a stoner, a cheerleader, a mother, a nymphomaniac, a daredevil... you get the point. These brains also give zombies occasional visions of the people's lives before. Liv realizes she can use her new "gift" to help others, and goes to the police with her knowledge.
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Detective Clive Babineaux Doesn't Have A Clue

Liv convinces the detective that she's psychic, so he lets her help with his investigations whenever she can.
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Blaine DeBeers

Liv's "maker" tracks her down, and agrees to let Ravi take samples from him to aid in Ravi's search for the cure. Little does she know, Blaine is doing his part to spread the zombie virus in order to turn a profit. He's got a team of zombie thugs who kidnap and kill homeless teens, and a zombie chef who turns them into culinary delicacies, which he then delivers like a fancy diet plan to wealthy undead clients.
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Major Gets Involved

Liv's ex happens to be a social worker who works with homeless teens. He's basically the only one who seems to care that they've started to go missing. When he confronts a guy he spots wearing one of the kids' sneakers, things don't go so well. Not knowing he's actually going up against a zombie conglomerate, he keeps on digging.
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The Bromance

Meanwhile, Liv thinks her boss and her ex would make excellent roomies. A beautiful love story is born. Also, Peyton and Ravi are hooking up. They're one big happy family!
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The World's Hottest Zombie

While investigating a murder, Liv meets another of her kind, suave and beautiful rocker boy Lowell Tracey (Bradley James). He's really into her — except that one time when he ate gay brains, which turned out to be super cute anyway — and they don't have to worry about infecting each other. Uh-oh. Things are too good to be true.
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Bye, Lowell

When Liv grabs a bite of some good stuff her boyfriend has sizzling on the stove, she has a vision, and realizes she just ate one of Major's missing teens. This tips her off to Blaine's gourmet service, and she convinces Lowell to help her kill the guy, while she just so happens to be in possession of Marine sniper brains. The plan is for Lowell to invite Blaine out to his rooftop, while Liv shoots him from afar. But her cold feet, and Lowell's misguided attempt at heroism, result in Blaine shooting Mr. Perfect at point-blank range. We have never wept like this for a zombie before.
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The Max Rager Conspiracy Hits Home

We won't go into the details, but a few cases lead Liv and Ravi to the conclusion that the energy drink Max Rager somehow triggers the zombie virus. The people at the company know this, and hire a hitman (who doesn't know about zombies) to kill Liv. She gets him instead, but not until after he ingests some of her blood. When he shows up at her house and threatens her and Peyton, a wicked kitchen knife fight ensues. That's how poor Peyton gets to find out about zombies.
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Major Zombie Hunter

After first checking himself into a mental hospital for paranoid delusions, Major gets serious about his private investigation into the "charcuterie" that's been butchering teens. He nabs a delivery of astronaut brains as proof, but Blaine catches him, and holds him prisoner. Fortunately, this mild-mannered social worker turns out to be a little more resourceful and badass than anyone gave him credit for.
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Major Zombie

Oh, never mind. Major's guns and grenade were of little use in the face of ruthless Blaine, who knifes him in the gut. Liv finds them, and distraught with the thought of losing someone else, she scratches a bit of her zombie juice into him.
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But wait! There's a chance that Ravi found a zombie cure, with the help of some furry friends. Too bad this little one, named Hope, bit the dust after a dose of the cure.
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Blaine Bleeds

Contrary to all the rules of scientific research, Liv was going to use Ravi's only existing dose of zombie cure on herself. Instead, she decides at the last minute to use half of it on Blaine, rather than kill him (so that he may continue to feed the undead of Seattle — thus avoiding a zombie apocalypse). She uses the other half on Major, who is none too happy with Liv for "saving" him.
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Oh, Brother

One more cliffhanger is this doozy of a sob story: Liv's teenage brother Evan (Nick Purcha) was standing outside Blaine's charcuterie when it blew up. At the hospital, where he's fighting for his life, their mother asks Liv to donate her blood to him. Awkward and next-level sad.

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