Emily Blunt Stopped By The Late Show & Was, Per Usual, Awesome

To kick things off tonight, Stephen Colbert told a story about how he is entirely adork-able and was super into Star Wars as a kid. (Could have guessed that was true; still glad to have proof.) Then — surprise! — he brought out Novak Djokovic for a quick round of tennis, and by "tennis" we mean "allowing the U.S. Open winner to use him for target practice." Bold move, even with the Captain America shield.

One important note: Generally, Colbert seems more comfortable this week, which is great — we were waiting for him to hit his stride.

What else? Here's what people will talk about tomorrow (in case you didn't watch, but want to pretend):

Colbert and Emily Blunt sang a quick tune together, e.g. an incredible little rendition of "On The Street Where You Live" from My Fair Lady. Then they segued into briefly talking about Sicario, the actress's latest film, along with her recent American citizenship. We're going to count that as another win for team U.S.A. Watch your back, U.K. — Emily belongs to us now.

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer stopped by and was totally charming — in a dry, grandfatherly way that doesn't exactly make us want to run out and buy his new book. But he did explain why there aren't cameras capturing the discussions of the Supreme Court justices, and gave a pretty good point-counterpoint all on his own.

Finally, Jack White's latest band, The Dead Weather, showed up and closed out the show. They were — in a word — loud. But if you dug the old stuff, you'll probably be into this, too. The new album, Dodge and Burn, is out on September 25.

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