6 Podcasts To Listen To After A Breakup

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This article was originally published on August 24, 2015.

You've just gotten off the phone with your BFF, or maybe your mom. You're looking up Lifetime movies. Adele might be playing somewhere in your home. You walk among the wreckage of a breakup, and you're thinking about wallowing.

First of all, who can blame you? It's been found that dwelling on a breakup can ultimately help you move on, and, hey, you're only human. You're allowed a day or two of being housebound, swathed in strictly sweatpant material from head to toe. But, after that initial phase, you may want to rejoin the rest of the world, and get a little creative with your romantic rehabilitation. When that time comes, it's going to help to have something to listen to while you focus on cleaning that slate of yours.

We already know what podcasts can do for your morning commute and your summer road trip, but can they help you get over a breakup? We've rounded up six of the best episodes (from six of some of the best podcasts) that, each in their own way, will help you shift perspective, take your mind off your past relationship, and, potentially, inspire you to change out of those sweats.
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Tara Brach's homepage is a great place to start your recovery-via-audio. Even if your feelings are still kind of raw, Brach's entire archive is full of advice that comes from a personal, spiritual place. It's an added bonus that she sounds like your best friend's mom (who probably just came back from a mindfulness retreat). We recommend starting with her talk on Compassion, which is part of her "Divine Abodes" series.
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If you haven't given Starlee Kine's podcast, Mystery Show, a chance yet, now is the perfect time. The best place to start is her episode "Britney," which follows Kline on a mission to talk to Britney Spears about how she came to be photographed holding an incredibly obscure book. This might not sound like a worthwhile, post-breakup listen, but, trust us, it gets deep. If you want an immediate payoff, just skip ahead to her conversation with a man named Dennis about a VIP meet and greet with Spears, around minute 29.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Memory Palace
Episodes of The Memory Palace are like profound, audible potato chips. With most of them clocking in at less than 15 minutes, and many lasting closer to just five, they're perfect snippets of history, anecdotes, and truth-telling. The ideal episode for the newly single is "Distance," and, as this one has to be one of the shortest at three minutes, we're not going to spoil anything about it. You definitely have the time to wait out this twist ending.
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At this point in your process of bouncing back, you might need a reminder of other people's past hardships, and the Reply All episode, "Shipped to Timbuktu," delivers a cold, hard, dose of perspective to its listeners. It tells the story of a troop of Girl Guides (Canadian Girl Scouts) who ended up living in a Japanese-controlled concentration camp in China during WWII. In spite of their new setting and dismal prospects for the future, the girls persevered, carrying on with their troop meetings, and even using their experiences in the camp as inspiration for new songs. We don't know about you, but we're finding it much harder to wallow in our own problems already.
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After a bad breakup, you're not always looking for advice. More often than not, you're probably just looking for something to take your mind off of what happened. The Gilmore Guys are here to help with that. Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe are two adult men who are watching every episode of the much-beloved Gilmore Girls, and then dedicating a podcast to each one of them. This is not your basic recap show — beyond plot details, the Guys break down every pop culture reference and the (characteristically early-aughts) fashion choices made by our favorite residents of Stars Hollow. Naturally, we suggest you start with the pilot.
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No podcast roundup would be complete without a shoutout toThis American Life. As with most subjects, there is, of course, an episode in the show's archives that applies perfectly to your situation, aptly titled "Break-Up." It speaks to the universal qualities of all breakups, and features guest star Phil Collins, so you'd want to listen to this even if you were happily single or coupled. Other breakup-friendly episodes include "Abdi and the Golden Ticket" and "What I Did For Love."

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