Your August Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
August is like a reverse mullet (or the classic Justin Bieber): party in the front, business in the back. Five planets blaze a trail through festive, flamboyant Leo this month, upping the fun factor exponentially. Party like a rockstar — but don’t trash a hotel like one. Egos can inflate while the lion reigns in the skies. Creatively, the world will have a renaissance, but romantically, not QUITE so much. Although the posse of Leo planets will bring out our loving feelings, Venus is trudging through a low power retrograde until September 6. Old flames may crop up on our radar and lovers’ quarrels could get downright dramatic. Best bet? Don’t make any sudden moves or regrettable bridge-burning decisions this month.

On August 11, Jupiter — planet of luck and expansion — makes a major move, exiting Leo (where it’s been since July 2014) and heading into Virgo until September 9, 2016. Jupiter shows us where to spread our wings and make our boldest moves. In the sign of thoughtful, health-conscious Virgo, green is the new black. Think: sustainable products, organic produce, and mindful money management. Virgo is the sign of service, so ask not what your community can do for you. This is the year of the volunteer. The sun joins Jupiter in Virgo for a month on August 23, cooling out our wilder natures and helping us get organized, just in time for back-to-school season.

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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Carpe effing diem! The first 11 days of August are no joke, Leo, as daring Jupiter winds down a 13-month tour through your sign. My, how you’ve grown since this phase began last July 16. But you may have one last, major league move to make. Take a gamble! If you miss the window, however, don’t freak out. Motivator Mars makes its biennial visit to Leo from August 8 to September 24, bringing more momentum and firepower. Hands back on the wheel, Leo. Mars makes you competitive, even aggressive, when it comes to your solo pursuits. Whatever your heart desires IS worth fighting for — just play fair.

The new moon in Leo on the 14th is your cosmic New Year. Make a wish list of what you’d like to manifest over the coming six months. Money is in the stars for you, too, as Jupiter’s year-plus tour of Virgo will activate your second house of income until September 2016. You may settle into a stable job or return to school to learn a marketable skill. Love is one area of life that could be complicated in August, since Venus is retrograde in Leo all month. Misunderstandings and meltdowns could interrupt the romantic flow. An ex could return, too, but you won’t get a clear read until Venus goes direct on September 6. The full moon on the 29th inspires you to get organized and take better care of your health. Buy that ClassPass and find a fitness studio that feels like a second home.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Red pill or blue? With the sun in your enchanted 12th house until August 23, you’re totally down to enter the Matrix. Float off on that esoteric voyage, enlightening yourself on the spiritual rules of the universe. The meaning of our existence could hit you like a bolt of lightening this August — who knew? Just don’t tumble TOO far down the rabbit hole, Rainbow Starbeam Virgo, because you have a MAJOR mission on the material plane, too! On August 11, lucky, horizon-expanding Jupiter embarks on a 13-month mission through Virgo. To call this epic would be an understatement. By September 9, 2016 you might not even recognize your own life — that’s how much growth you have ahead!

Jupiter rules travel, higher education, and entrepreneurial ventures. This reinvention tour is all about independent action: You could go back to school, move to a brand new city, or start developing a business plan for Virgo, Inc. Got an idea for a book, blog, or media project? There couldn’t be a better time to publish your grand ideas. P.S.: The last time Jupiter visited Virgo was from August 2003 to September 2004. Flip back in your archives, because you might see some recurring themes take hold again. Your monthlong birthday celebration begins when the sun blazes into Virgo on August 23. Tie up loose ends and cut toxic ties before that. The 25th is a power day for pitching big ideas or taking a daring leap on your own behalf. Although August is primarily all about you, the full moon on the 29th could bring a promising partnership to fruition — for business or pleasure.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Calling all girl gamers, gadget freaks, and garden-variety geeks! With planets activating your 11th house of technology this August, it’s time to upgrade your devices and raise your digital IQ. Learning new software, starting a blog, setting up an Etsy shop or Kickstarter campaign could all be ways to increase your income. Or maybe you’ll just wire up some savvier lifehacks with the help of a few App Store downloads. What do you need, Libra? Post a status update near the new moon on the 14th. Your social network has your back big time this month. In love, however, you may prefer IRL encounters, as your ruling planet Venus is retrograde through September 6. Sometimes, profiles belie a person's true nature — and you can’t tell a right swipe from a left. Let this be your cue to get out more often (as if anyone has to twist YOUR social butterfly wing).

You could meet your match through a group of friends. Coupled Libras will also benefit from sharing more extracurricular activities. But while you’re buzzing about, do not saddle yourself with any huge responsibilities. From August 11 until September 9, 2016, nomadic Jupiter meanders through Virgo and your flowy, bohemian 12th house. While you know you’re in a transition, the future isn’t quite clear. If you’ve considered taking a gap year, this would be THE time. Go work at that surf school in Nicaragua, get certified as a yoga instructor, or live on a communal land in an Airstream trailer. A loved one may need more support from you now, too, which could require a sacrifice of sorts. Be generous, but don’t lose sight of your own needs in the process. Libra artists could create some enchanted works over the coming year. Don’t worry about the critics: Make art for art’s sake!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
#ScorpioGoals! Ambitious Saturn wakes up from sleep mode on August 1 and powers ahead through Scorpio until September 17. Translation? You have six weeks to push your most promising projects to the finish line. Saturn has been in your sign since October 2012 — a three-year cycle that felt a lot like cosmic boot camp. But you can’t deny how much you’ve learned and evolved since then. So…how do you reap the rewards of all this growth? Roll up your sleeves, jump in the ring, and show and prove what you’re made of. From August 8 to September 24, motivator Mars buzzes through your career house, powering you up with rocket fuel. Aim high! You are ready to play with the big dogs now, and that might mean cutting ties with the smaller (and always needier) pups who just won’t pay you what you’re worth.

The new moon on the 14th could bring a killer job offer or a leadership opportunity at your 9 to 5. Stability is more important than mobility in August. Alas, you may have to postpone that summer pilgrimage — or just slip off for weekend getaways on the grid. Ready to assemble your dream team? Venturesome Jupiter moves into your 11th house of technology and collaborations from August 11 to September 9, 2016. You won’t be going it alone in the year ahead. If you have ideas for a website, app, or invention, this 13-month window is optimal for development. August wraps on a passionate note with the full moon in Pisces, lighting up your romance house on the 29th. Coupled Scorpios could make relationships official, even putting a ring on it. A percolating love connection could finally materialize into a real deal relationship — or one of the hottest hookups you’ve enjoyed all summer! But be warned: This full moon rules fertility and if a bambino ain’t in the plan right now, double protect!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
You’ve got vacation goals up the wazoo, Sagittarius, but August is also a demanding month for your career. Work and play hard — embrace the paradox! Your travels may simply have to incorporate daily visits to the Wi-Fi hotspot; or, pad your business trips to build in extra time for sightseeing. From August 8 to September 24, motivator Mars will be in your jet setting, entrepreneurial ninth house. Starting or expanding a business idea could be an outright obsession. And you’re thinking BIG worldwide! On August 11, expansive Jupiter, your ruling planet, heads into Virgo, lighting up your ambitious 10th house for over a year! Hello, Girlboss! If you’re not launching your own empire, you could get a life-changing call from corporate that shoots you up the ladder of success. Both Mars and Jupiter indicate that your success may involve long-distance allies.

Working with men will also be part of the package. Thankfully, you’re kind of a tomboy, Sag. But you’ll probably need to learn how to cooperate with the guys instead of competing with them quite so much. Romantically, Venus' retrograde could bring important moments of truth this August. Issues in your love life can’t be swept under the rug. You might need advice from a couple’s therapist. Taking a nostalgic vacation can stoke the embers for Archers in a romantic lull. Single Sagittarians could reconnect with a long-distance lover or someone you met during past travels for a spicy reunion. Meow! The full moon on the 29th brings an important woman into your orbit. Your mom, sister, or BFF may call upon you for an assist. Be there!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Purrrr. August is a spicy month for Capricorns, filled with intense erotic and esoteric energy. Privacy, please! From bonding tell-all convos with your girls to marathon lovemaking sessions with your amour du jour, you’ll prefer the heat that one-on-ones can bring. But you’ll also feel torn! Half of you will be in it to win it, locking down opportunities into a permanent structure. But when jovial Jupiter heads into Virgo and your free-spirited ninth house for a year-plus on August 11, you won’t want anything clipping your wings! Before you lock down a binding agreement, make sure there is lots of room for growth and freedom in every situation.

With Jupiter in your ninth house until September 2016, the world is definitely your oyster. You could return to school, crowdfund a business idea, or even live abroad. Cross-cultural relationships simmer with promise and potential. You’ll definitely feel luckier than most over the next thirteen months and you have the green light to take bigger gambles. With competitive Mars in your lusty, potent eighth house from August 8 to September 24, you’ll attract powerful people, but you can make a few enemies along the way. Band-Aids don’t fix bullet holes. If you sense bad blood brewing, nip it in the bud. The last thing you need is a nemesis bringing drama to your life! Your ruling planet Saturn is also out of retrograde starting August 1, helping you make traction on finding the right collaborators. The Capricorn dream team could assemble by mid-September: a cast of old standbys and new people alike!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Unicorn ride for two? With planets pinging through your relationship zone all month, you could find your first mate for all those fantastic Aquarian voyages. As free-spirited as you are, you’re also ultra social. And you’d certainly enjoy a companion who vibes on your rainbow-colored wavelength. Believe it or not, that person DOES exist. You could find your missing puzzle piece near the new moon on the 14th. Turn on your searchlight, too! With motivator Mars leading the charge from August 8 to September 24, you’ll be inspired to search out a new love, business partner, or creative collaborator. And hey, this could even be someone from your past.

With Venus retrograde until September 6, you could FINALLY get it on with a star-crossed love interest. Just don’t order the wedding china yet. The status of this union might only be temporary; you just won’t know until next month. Already captivated? Partnerships — for business and pleasure — could become a lot more permanent when daring Jupiter moves into Virgo and your eighth house of perma-bonding from August 11 to September 9, 2016. Over the coming year, you could put a ring on it — or some ink on a lucrative contract. This Jupiter cycle spells big money, too, the kind you make from investments, selling property, or crowdfunding a business venture. Investors may want to put dollars behind your dreams, so shop your ideas around. Your mojo will be back with a vengeance before August is half-through. Viva la sexual revolucion!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Can you pull of a fringed suede skirt with heels? It’s worth a try, Pisces. You’re equal parts boho babe and sophisticated siren (uh..."bophisticated?") this August as planets park in your earthy, elegant sixth house. Spend time in nature, do yoga in the park, pile your plate high with organic produce, and opt for cruelty-free, sustainably sourced products. Knowing that you’re having a positive impact on the world makes your charitable heart swell with joy. You might even start your own volunteer group or take on a regular shift at a non-profit while Mars is in your sixth house from August 8 to September 24. While you have a huge heart, Pisces, YOU have to eat, too.

This Mars phase inspires you to be more proactive about making a living — and in a way that you feel proud of on a personal level. Stress can heat up though, so keep it at bay with regular workouts and meditation. The full moon in Pisces on the 29th will bring reason to celebrate the spoils of all your hard work! Relationships go through a major growth spurt, too, as lucky, expansive Jupiter heads into Virgo and your partnership house from August 11 to September 9, 2016. This thirteen-month cycle could see some Pisces getting engaged or married — or signing on to a thrilling business collab. But Jupiter is also the heavenly free spirit. The traditional rules of relationships could feel a little suffocating to you now, too. A lover who tries to control you or clip your wings is in for an unpleasant wake-up call. Jupiter is the globetrotting jet setter: You could meet your match while traveling, embark on a long-distance relationship, or feel the click with someone from a totally different culture.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Let the good times roll! Early August finds Aries in a celebratory mood — wild and feisty as ever. With five heavenly bodies rolling through Leo and your playful, expressive, and romantic fifth house, you’ll be swinging from the chandeliers like Sia. Live out loud, ‘cause you only live once (well, as far as we can prove). With Jupiter in your fame house until the 11th and your ruling planet Mars picking up the baton from August 8 to September 24, you could see your name in lights. Shameless self-promotion gets the thumbs up from the cosmos as long as your game is tight. Don’t launch anything 90% finished though, because important eyes will be on you — especially near the new moon on the 14th. In love, don’t let your passionate energy go utterly unchecked, either. Venus, the planet of romance and creativity, will be retrograde all month, which could cause some choppy currents on the Sea of Love. You may have to compromise more than usual to stay on your sweetie’s good side.

Retrograde Venus could also bring up an ex or force coupled Rams to rehash an issue you THOUGHT you had put to bed. Take it one day at a time and don’t get dramatic. Storming out in a huff or refusing to answer calls will only push a good one away. On August 11, it’s time to cool down a bit. Lucky Jupiter heads into Virgo and your sixth house of efficiency, hard work, and healthy living until September 9, 2016. Ready to become a regular at SoulCycle and the organic food co-op? Yes, please. The calming vibes of Jupiter in Virgo will make life feel a bit more predictable. Truth be told, you’re ready to settle down and be more productive again. A lucky job opportunity could flow in, one that lets you travel — or even work remotely. Some Rams will even start their own businesses in the coming year or head off to yoga teacher training as a side gig. Get involved in a community volunteer group. You might not be able to change the WHOLE world, but you can make your corner of it a better place.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
From couch potato to red carpet superstar — August’s energy is utterly kinetic, Taurus. Early in the month, the sun and Jupiter are percolating in Leo and your cozy, domestic fourth house. If you want to loll about, binge-watching Empire and hosting chill barbecues for your #girlgang, by all means grab the remote and fire up the grill. If you need to move or swap out a roomie, the new moon on August 14 gets the U-Haul party started. When bold Jupiter heads into Virgo and your fifth house of fame, flamboyance, and romance for a year-plus on August 11, the lazy days of summer will be in your rearview mirror. Until September 9, 2016, Jupiter will shove you into the limelight and urge you to be more of a leader in your world. Swagger? You’ll have no shortage — but your confidence and playful vibes will inspire others to follow you.

Know your limits: This hedonistic Jupiter cycle could push you to party too hard for your own good. Romantically, Cupid is in your corner! Tough Saturn snaps out of retrograde mode and powers forward through your relationship house. Clarity returns, helping you find win-wins with your bae or figure out what category to put those potentials in. And when the sun joins Jupiter in Virgo for a month on August 23, you could meet The One, get engaged, welcome a pregnancy, or otherwise kick your love game to the next level. The full moon on the 29th will bring a team victory worth celebrating. If you need to update your digital devices, this is the day to score a deal — or make a killing selling used goods on eBay.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Give those wings a workout, Gemini. Your social butterfly nature is out full-force this August as the sun flutters through your garrulous third house until the 23rd. Venus will be retrograde all month, too — ideal time to reconnect to the standout ladies in your life. Slip off with the GFs for some end-of-summer fun: festivals, beach days, road trips...yes, please! New amies crop up near the August 14 new moon, and a creative collaboration could get off to a running start. Test the waters with a single project before making this a long-term union. Saturn ends a rocky retrograde in your work house on August 1, lighting the path to financial stability.

Update your LinkedIn profile and circulate your resume. A job that you really, truly love could come by September 17. If you love the gig you have, a challenging project could land in your lap — one that helps you establish yourself as an industry player. Take it on! August is also a good month for scheduling medical procedures, but not the purely cosmetic kind, because Venus is retrograde. Speaking of which, be careful who you flirt with. There could be bad blood if you bat those lashes at a friend’s BF or blur lines with a colleague. Biggest news of August? On the 11th, jet setting Jupiter heads into your home and family zone until September 2016. Where will you hang your fedora next, Gem? Over the coming year, you could purchase property, travel regularly to a “home away from home,” or even relocate to a distant corner of the world! Working with women or starting a home-based business (or both) could prove hugely profitable.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Show ‘em what you’re made of, Cancer. With competitive Mars in your sign until the 8th, August is off to a show-stopping start. Push a little harder if you believe in something badly enough. People need to see your enthusiasm before they sign on to your ideas — and pay you for them, too. The new moon on the 14th could bring a job offer or fresh source of income. And with Mars moving on to your second house of finances from August 8 to September 24, you’ll be ready to roll up your sleeves and take on bigger responsibilities around the office. Not that you have to go it alone! On the 11th, lucky Jupiter heads into Virgo and your dynamic duo zone until September 16. Kindred spirits pop up out of the woodwork — and with jet setting Jupiter’s influence, they could come from other country codes.

Although this can happen at anytime over the next year, circle the 26th as a fateful date for meeting your other half. P.S.: These partnerships are more likely to be platonic than romantic. Move over, Nicki and Beyoncé: You could earn solid props for a tag-team effort over the coming year. Although Venus' retrograde could cause some false starts in love, Saturn’s direct turn on August 1 helps you get your romantic relationships back on solid ground. A super mature conversation about goals and the future is a must, though. Saturn wants you to invest in bonds — the kind of love that lasts. You could be attracted to someone older a bit more established in August, too. (Hello #Dadbod?)
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