These Instagram Pics Will Give You Serious Hair-spiration

Photo: Via @benxlren.
Every Monday, Instagram collects its favorite photos from the Weekend Hashtag Project to share with its 86.2 million followers. (Needless to say, they have to be pretty damn good.) The latest contest involved one of our favorite topics — hair — so, of course, we got excited.

Insta-users were asked to take pictures featuring creative hairstyles and facial hair, tagging them with the hashtag #WHPhairplay. They're seriously impressive (and super-artsy), and they made us want to run out and take some hair-spiration shots of our own.

We scrolled through the many submissions and picked out the most impressive of the bunch. Click through for some of our favorite art-and-hair hybrids, and prepare to be inspired — or, at the very least, just "ooh" and "aah" a lot.

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Photo: Via @ifitwags.
This dog gives man buns a major run for their money.
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Photo: Via @billgrip.
Water balloon to the beard, or some mid-sneeze action?
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Photo: Via @redbardes.
These girls are taking a cue from Kendall Jenner's popular heart Insta (which, fun fact, is the most liked photo on Instagram, ever).
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Photo: Via @strangergabe.
We love a 'fro with flower power.
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Photo: Via @Stratosferik.
Little kids have the best hair. This boy's coils are turning us a pretty intense shade of green.
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Photo: Via @dashgrey.
These pastel tresses definitely have the best seat in the house.
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Photo: Via @mevisualartist.
This gorgeous, cotton-candy Afro takes on next-level proportions.
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Photo: Via @lostand.found.
Where the Wild Things Are, topknot edition.
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Photo: Via @c5759.
Again with the kid-hair envy. There's no doubt that this boy is the coolest kid on the playground with his spiked 'do.
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Photo: Via @denstorm.
This brings an entirely new meaning to the phrase "bird's nest."
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Photo: Via @benedettodemaio.
"Creativity is a wind that pushes the ship of imagination far away." We think this designer's Insta caption perfectly captures the photo's mood.
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Photo: Via @craighowes.
Talk about a unique perspective.
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Photo: Via @jermzlee.
Somebody's not a fan of his new haircut.
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Do yourself a favor and click through to watch this hairy relationship unfold.
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Photo: Via @yvonneosaur.
This guy has the Midas touch.
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Photo: Via @jennbischof.
Finally, underwater mermaid hair that's actually realistic.
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Photo: Via @thehairlook.
If you're still staring at this five minutes later wondering, How did they do that? — don't worry, we are too.
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Photo: Via @bismosatria.
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Photo: Via @bclsinclair.
Apparently, it looks just as good from the front, too.
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