Jon Stewart Basks In The Glory Of Mocking Donald Trump

Over the next few weeks, departing host of The Daily Show Jon Stewart will be showered with praise and fond farewells, and rightly so. But Stewart has already received the greatest material a comedian can receive time and time again: The ramblings of one Donald Trump. After returning from a short hiatus, Stewart pondered how he would cover everything that's happened in the world, from the Chattanooga tragedy to the Iran deal. "When is this gonna end?" Stewart pondered during Monday night's show, adding, "And then he appeared." He, of course, being Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Or, as Stewart dubbed him, "The patron saint of topical comedians who are just running out the clock."

In the brief period that Stewart was away from The Daily Show desk, Trump made his controversial remarks about Senator John McCain not being a war hero because he was a POW. Cue Stewart's hilariously over-the-top impression of Trump, funny jabs at his infamous hair, and making blunt statements that we're all thinking, like, "What the f**k is wrong with him?!"

While Stewart did giggle with delight that he loves Trump for the simple fact that he is the comedic gift that keeps on giving, he did, as he always does so well, dish it out, particularly to outraged Republicans. Though they are understandably angry about Trump's outrageous statement about McCain, Stewart reminded them that they can't possibly be surprised. And that Trump, like fellow Republican soundbite machine Sarah Palin, is an "Internet comment come to life" and once you give them the spotlight, they are no longer in your control.

Watch The Daily Show host's very funny take on all things Donald Trump here. We don't know who we're going to miss more when this is all said and done. (No, we do. It's Jon Stewart.)

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