Zoe Saldana Has A Sordid Story About A Truly Offensive Casting Director

Photo: REX USA.
Alas, sexism in Hollywood continues.

Actress Zoe Saldana is known for stepping outside of societal stereotypes and standards, an admirable trait no doubt. She also is not one to shy away from speaking her mind — especially if that means others might be able to learn from her experiences. Saldana recently shared a despicable event that occurred with a producer, E! News reports, that has us up in arms.

"A producer once told me he hired me for the way I held a gun while wearing panties, not for my opinions," she said while promoting Infinitely Polar Bear. "I wish I'd recorded it, so I could play it for every girl in elementary school and tell them never to let anybody treat them that way."

Saldana did not share the name of the producer, but unfortunately this behavior is all too familiar. Over the last few months actresses like; Gina Rodriquez, Selma Hayek, Kristen Stewart, Rose Byrne, and Rose McGowan have passionately spoken up about sexism in Hollywood. Why such blatant displays of sexism like this persists, is beyond us. Here's hoping that the voices of these women are heard, and for them to be seen and treated as equals to their male counterparts. (E! News)

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