Salma Hayek Just Ripped Hollywood A New One In Sexism Talk

Photo: Matt Baron/BeImages.
The exciting news coming out of Cannes right now? Salma Hayek's brilliant takedown of Hollywood sexism.  The Oscar-nominated actress participated in a Women in Motion talk at the film festival today, and took the opportunity to air some grievances about gender bias. As Anna Kendrick recently pointed out, the habit of male actors having input into which actresses are cast is a particular nuisance.  "Most of the big stars in their contracts have approval of their leading ladies," Hayek said, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which co-sponsored the event. "The fact that he gets a say in who he gets to kiss I find is very sexist. And they do not like it when the female character is strong."   Pay disparity is also an issue, she added. "The sad thing is the only two industries where women make more than men are fashion and pornography," Hayek declared. Speaking of money, the star insisted that Hollywood is missing out on a highly valuable female audience by failing to invest in smart movies with female protagonists.  "The only thing we can do is show them we are an economic force," she said. "Nothing else will move them. The minute they see money, things will be instantaneously different. Show them the money. "The movie is industry is in trouble because we don’t care about their movies, and they’re trying to figure out why,” she added. “What would happen if there was an open door, and somebody started doing movies that we want to see? [The studio executives] think, ‘Chick flicks, romantic comedies. Guess what? We’re smarter than that."  Love this woman. Here's to more strong women speaking out. 

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