Norman Reedus Brought His Crossbow To SNL's Weekend Update

While Michael Keaton was amusing enough as this week's SNL host, pleasing longtime Batman geeks and Beetlejuice fans alike, there was another special guest who got the audience practically squealing with delight. The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus appeared in character, and fully armed, as Daryl Dixon during Weekend Update.

The skit was set up as a spoiler-free review of the show's record-breaking season finale by SNL's "resident young person" Pete Davidson. Instead of talking about The Walking Dead, though, Davidson shared his worry: "The zombie apocalypse is coming, and odds are I'm going to stoned when it happens, especially if it happens between daytime and nighttime."
And just when Colin Jost had calmed his paranoia that he would be mistaken for a zombie because of his glazed eyes and slow shuffle, Davidson got an arrow to the chest. Reedus walked on, crossbow in hand, and still couldn't believe he'd shot a human.

"What about this complexion? Ain't no living thing's got that color. And he's so slow-moving and confused."
Davidson had the best stoner response to seeing Reedus — pulling a reference to his pre-Walking Dead cult fave out of his foggy brain. "Hey, you're the dude from the Boondock Saints!"      

Now, the question is, did Pete really share his good stuff with Norman backstage?

Love these dudes. Thank you!🎈💪

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