Let's Celebrate International Women's Day With Celeb Instagrams

On International Women's Day, we recognize that there is a ton of hard, very important work still to be done to bring equality (not to mention health, safety, education, and all that other frivolous stuff) to women all over the world. We'd also like to recognize that the hard, very important stuff is not necessarily the domain of our favorite models, actresses, and musicians. They're playing a very different role, spreading the word in ways that make us feel good.

On Twitter and Instagram, famous ladies really got into this mission. Some, like Cameron Diaz and Lupita Nyongo, joined the #NotThere campaign and replaced their lovely profile pics with blank ones, forcing everyone to wonder what it would be like if women weren't in other parts of their lives too. (Refinery29 also joined this movement for some hours this morning.)

Others chose to send other messages to their many followers. They range from hilariously irreverent (Miley Cyrus, naturally), to earnest quotes (Madonna), to heartfelt and personal (Lucy Hale). Whatever their methods, we're happy to see the awareness of International Women's Day reach all corners of the internet and beyond.      

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