Britney's Oops...I Did It Again Is Kind Of Amazing Without Music

Britney Spears' has worn some pretty outrageous getups in her music videos over the years —  a school girl uniform, nothing but dozens of gems, a ringleader ensemble — but it was her skintight, red catsuit in 2000's "Oops I Did It Again" that really caught our attention. 

In Britney's out-of-this-world video, she brought us to her Mars lair complete with flying fire balls, scantily clad workers...and a squeaking latex suit? Or, at least, that's what one sound editor imagines really  happened while on set. No wonder the backbeat was so loud.

Mario Wienerroither, who is known for making parody music videos, decided to dub squeaking noises over Britney's vocals with no other background noise, and it's actually pretty great. And by great we mean really, really weird.
We'd almost forgotten how fabulous Brit looked in latex — and those highlighted eyes! We'll have to remember the white-lining trick the next time we need to look extra fresh (aka hungover at work). Until then, we may or may not have already booked a highlight appointment. Long live the early 2000s!

And of course, the full video. Slay Brit, slay!

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