The Rachel Comey Trends All The Cool Girls In Your Crew Will Be Wearing

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Comey.
Even if you don't consider the 718 home, you've probably seen Brooklyn's influence in your home town. If you know a contingent of women who will always choose sack dresses over bandage ones, whose pants can only be described as ugly-pretty, and who wear clogs to everything, you can thank Rachel Comey for that. Women who wear Rachel Comey are often the coolest dressers in the game. The RSVP list of Wednesday night's dinner-cum-show-cum-performance-cum-party, where a special crew mingled with fashion editors and critics, makes that abundantly clear: Kathleen Hanna, Monica Lewinsky, Natasha Lyonne, Parker Posey, Guinevere Van Seenus, Cindy Sherman, and a crazily made-up Tracee Ellis Ross, who was acting as a wacky motivational speaker, set the scene.  

This new form of dynamic fashion show is something that Comey pioneered and has perfected; it's an environment where you feel cooler just for being there, but still incredibly comfortable — which is a good way to describe the clothes she creates, too. And, no other designer's come close to approximating that sort of intimacy. Comey's new collection is full of the same sort of clothes that set their wearers apart from the pack, and inspire girlfriends to go in on an investment together. Click through to see what all your friends (and you!) will be wearing next fall.   

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