Meet The Beautiful Man Inside That Super Bowl Shark Suit

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Even if you didn't tune into the Super Bowl to watch any actual football get played, you probably stopped by for Katy Perry's halftime spectacular. From the moment she strode in atop a massive animatronic colossus to her final trip across the stadium as the physical embodiment of NBC's "The More You Know" star, it was hard to look away. Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott were also there, sure, but I think we can all agree about what we'll reference when we discuss Perry's halftime show in perpetuity. That's right: the sharks. 

The sharks were amazing for so many reasons. First of all, they couldn't really get their moves in sync. One shark seemed to be doing a Saturday Night Fever thing with his flippers. The other looked like he had just realized he could move his limbs, period. Their facial expressions were equally amazing and terrifying. 


The second the sharks appeared, they were all anyone wanted to talk about. Memes immediately circulated on social media. Buzzfeed and Gawker wrote articles heralding the sharks — and their giving no fucks attitude about choreography — as the best part of the halftime show. 

Well, far be it from any modern-day pop culture website to not see this story through. Sure, the sharks were catapulted into the stuff of backup dancer legends last night, but who were the people inside the suits?

Don't you worry, one of them has been tracked down. His name is Scott Myrick, and he's been one of Katy Perry's dancers for several years now. He also performed on Taylor Swift's Red tour. 

Myrick was as excited to be a shark at the Super Bowl as you'd want him to be. "I MEAN... THOSE SHARKS #ONFLEEK," he tweeted last night. "And that everyone, is what it feels like to have your heart explode. I've never been more proud to be a part of something in my life," he wrote an hour later. 

The Internet is also very, very excited to have revealed the shark's identity because, as we mentioned before, he's a professional backup dancer. He looks exactly the way you'd expect someone who performs feats of physical fitness for a living to look, and you'll hear no complaints from us about it. 

#LATERGRAM: 🍸☀️💪⭕️

A photo posted by Scott Myrick (@scott_myrick) on

Scott Myrick, get your fleek on. 

A 'lil Sunday smolder 📷: @mattmccall

A photo posted by Scott Myrick (@scott_myrick) on

Baby, you're a firework. 


A photo posted by Scott Myrick (@scott_myrick) on

It wasn't all fun and games inside the shark suit, though. "The visibility was...Terrible. I ran into a palm tree but the camera missed it," Myrick said in the impromptu AMA he did after the show. The good people of Reddit also possibly tracked down the second shark. He's believed to be another one of Perry's backup dancers named Bryan. (Reddit)

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