Katy Perry, Missy Elliott, & Sharks Made A Roaring Halftime Show

Riding atop a giant robot cat, dressed in orange flames, and lit by hundreds of glowing balls, Katy Perry kicked off her Super Bowl halftime show in spectacular, cartoon-like fashion. None of that was a major departure from the pop star's usual fare; the big surprise in her set was guest star Missy Elliott jumping on stage. (Okay, so that surprise was revealed earlier in the weekend, but still.)
After a brief chess-board themed "Dark Horse," the much hyped Lenny Kravitz guest spot amounted to him singing parts of "I Kissed a Girl" and riffing his guitar behind Perry on her breakout hit. Soon, he was swept aside by dancing palm trees, sharks, surfboards, and beach balls which bounced around Perry for "Teenage Dream."

Dancers in polka-dot bikinis came out for "California Gurls," continuing the jubilant nature of the set, which cooled out a bit when Missy took the stage. She brought out her own hit, "Get Ur Freak On," and Perry looked beyond excited to get to sing along. The show's most elaborate choreography was busted out during "Work It" — we barely noticed that Katy had stepped away for a costume change.
She emerged in a starry gown for the slow build of "Firework," and eventually rose up into the air, trailing sparklers behind her for the soaring chorus. And then, of course, there were real fireworks. This was over-the-top, super entertainment done right. Click through for a few of the moments (and outfits) that made it memorable.

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