Boys Meets World Crush Rider Strong Is A Dad Now

Photo: BEImages/Gregory Pace.
We've had some time to accept the fact that Cory and Topanga are parents to two kids and holding down grown-up jobs over on the Girl Meets World spinoff. It's just going to take us a minute to fully digest the news that our '90s fake boyfriend, Shawn, is someone's dad now.
Boy Meets World star Rider Strong and wife Alexandra Barreto welcomed their first child over the holidays. Baby boy Indigo "Indy" Barreto Strong made his debut on December 28, Us Weekly reports. Is it just us, or does the name Indy Strong suggest total heartbreaker material? The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree...
Papa Strong recently reunited with his BMW costars. In the Girl Meet World's holiday episode we saw "Uncle Shawn" visiting the Matthews family, getting nostalgic about Riley's birth, and expressing how Cory's new role as family man had affected their friendship. Oh, how the tables have turned.
For those keeping track, we've "lost" both Strong and Chad Michael Murray this week. Are there any other teenage heartthrobs we can still respectably crush on?

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