This Drinking Map Shows Which Booze Rules In America

What’s your poison? Better yet, just tell us where you live and we can figure out the rest.
Though only your favorite local bartender really knows the tipple that turns you on most, Vinepair is helping Americans pinpoint state-by-state booze preferences with the United States of Alcohol drinking map. No longer are there red states and blue states. There are beer states, wine states, spirit states, and a few places where people just like their moonshine, okay?
Apparently, folks down in Florida like their rum and margaritas. Northern California, Oregon, and Washington are, not surprisingly, keen on locally produced wine, while whiskey and bourbon go down nicely in Kentucky and Tennessee. But, seriously, Midwesterners. Bud?
The map may not account for your nightly Scotch on the rocks or secret passion for shots of Sambuca, but it feels fairly accurate. Of course the Lone Star State digs Lone Star. Of course Coors rules in Colorado. Of course Utah doesn’t really drink. Maybe it’s time to start rethinking that big road trip to Coachella? Head over to Vinepair for a larger version of the map.
Photo: Courtesy of Vinepair.

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