10 Times Kate Middleton Was The Queen Of Subtle Sass

Captured in photos, Kate Middleton has revealed a great secret of hers. While she is the perfect picture of a modern princess, perfectly groomed and polite at every turn, but K Midds is also something of a sass queen. Part of me feels like I've known this somewhere deep down for a while. But, the other part of me felt equal parts alarmed and enamored by this information. The Duchess' attitude shouldn't be so surprising. After all, her brother-in-law is Harry. And, that just takes a special brand of tolerance. Since today is her birthday, we've put together 10 times Kate was the queen of subtle sass.
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"Still shooting photos are you?"
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"Whose idea was this?"
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"Don't you dare let my hat get wet, I don't care what you're the Prince of."
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"I'm going to fire whoever keeps scheduling these outdoor photo ops."
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"What am I supposed to do with a teapot this big?"
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"Coloring's only okay."
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"Oh, tell me more."
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"Do I care about this event?"
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