Watch Marcel The Shell Sing "Landslide"

Future Grammy winner Marcel the Shell is here to warm your cold, holiday-stressed heart.
Thanks to Jenny Slate, the lil' snail that could is a full-fledged singer now. Slate told Conan that Marcel's been dabbling in song covers and is almost ready to make his big debut. Hooray! He's a shy guy, though, and isn't totally ready to step into big unknown, so he only sang a snippet of the Fleetwood Mac classic, "Landslide," on Conan.
It's delightfully emotional stuff. How are Marcel's lungs big enough to sustain such notes? Why question the beauty, though. Marcel the Shell's got a dream and he's not going to let anything — his size, questionable perfect pitch, his single eye — try and take him down.
Keep doing you, little buddy.

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