Why All Celebs Think Jane Birkin Is Their Style Idol

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Today is Jane Birkin's birthday. At some point, the British-born actress, singer, and director (not to mention mum to new-generation It girls Lou Doillon and Charlotte Gainsbourg) became as frequently-cited a celeb style icon as Audrey Hepburn. Which is unexpected, given that Jane's signature style was so unpretentious. She wore her jeans to shreds, was frequently spotted sans shoes, and proudly carried a wicker basket as a purse — even after Hermès created its legendary Birkin bag just for her.
In honor of this inimitable star's birthday, we present seven very different celebs, all of whom have listed the eternal It Brit as their style icon. Take a look at how Birkin has influenced them all, and wish a very happy birthday to the queen of offhand cool.
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Kate Moss
Most models have cited Birkin as a style influence at some point, but we think the comparison is most apt for Moss: No one can switch from casually glam to full-on sexy like Kate the Great. Moss also has a weakness for guitar-wielding bad boys of, erm, questionable attractiveness — just like Jane.
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Taylor Swift
When Swift told Vanity Fair in 2012 that she considered Birkin a style icon (along with fellow yé-yé icons Brigitte Bardot and Françoise Hardy), we admit we were skeptical. This was still Swift in her princess-hair and spangly-gown phase, after all.

Since then, the Birkin influence has become far easier to spot. Swift's love of dolly-bird mini dresses and teeny, structured bags wouldn't be out of place in Swinging London.
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Isabel Marant
On the surface, Marant's style doesn't scream Birkin-esque. But, the French designer who defined model-off-duty cool has a serious penchant for natural-look makeup, messy hair, and ultra-short hemlines — all of which are very Jane).

Fittingly for a designer who meshes masculine and feminine elements in her clothing, Marant also credits Birkin's longtime swain, French songwriter and professional provacateur Serge Gainsbourg, as a style influence.
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Olivia Palermo
We've got to applaud Palermo's commitment to a lewk. She doesn't always do the '60s coquette thing, but when she does, she really goes all out, like in this Mary Quant-approved, acid-green mini-jumpsuit at Paris Fashion Week — or the wicked thigh-high boots she's frequently spotted in.
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Emma Roberts
An actress who often trades off between red-carpet finery and Hollywood starlet basics, Roberts' Birkin influence is a little harder to tease out. Perhaps because she's cited a disparate cast of style influences: Birkin, Stevie Nicks, Cate Blanchett... Maybe it's just us, but we see a little bit of Birkin and Nicks in this floor-sweeping, floral skirt and clogs.
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Alessandra Ambrosio
She may be best known for appearing in sparkly push-up bras and angel wings, but Ambrosio cites Birkin and "other bohemian women" as her main style influence — and it shows. We think Jane would approve of Ambrosio's sexy take on beat-up denim here. Clearly, they both share a love of Hermès, whose chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas named the famous Birkin tote after Jane.
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Alexa Chung
All told, Alexa probably gets our vote for this generation's Jane Birkin. By Chung's own admission, her style isn't exactly original: "I've really just been ripping off Jane Birkin," she confirmed for us in 2012. But, boy does she do Birkin proud. From the Brit accent to the frequent bangs to the short hemlines and the namesake bag (Alexa's is by Mulberry, not Hermès), Chung ticks all the Birkin-y boxes.
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Jane Birkin
The once and future champion. Happy birthday, Jane!

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