This Video Is Like "What Does The Fox Say?" In Chinese (With Chicken-Women)

Most of the time when we share something with you guys, there's context — some reason, some kind of reality. But, not today. Today we have all the WTFs forever and ever. Because, the video you're about to watch is plainly insane.
It's not insane in a Too Many Cooks, sinister-surrealism-by-design kind of way. Just insane in a way that suggests someone went to Google, typed in whatever words popped into their head, and hit the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.
The weirdness is manifold. Sure, dancing girls in Vegas-style showgirl costumes are not unprecedented in a music video. But, beer-drinking cartoon chickens wearing pearls are not something you see every day. And, the shirtless man mooing along in a cow mask will haunt our dreams tonight.
According to commenters, the video is Chinese in origin. And, the music is classic CPop (Chinese pop music), which, if you're not familiar, will sound very different than Taylor Swift. The song is pretty amazing, but the video is beyond bananas.
We dare you to get through the whole thing with a straight face. Just watch it. Seriously.

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