Too Many Cooks: The Video The Entire Internet Is Talking About

It's really easy to get jaded about the Internet. It's full of bad news and creepy people and pictures of over-priced dinners. Ugh, who needs it?
But, then something supremely weird like Too Many Cooks comes along, and it reminds us how awesome the Internet can be. This video from Adult Swim starts out as a weird riff on cheesy '80s family sitcoms, complete with perky mom, adorable kids, a cheeky Nana, and side ponytails galore. (In this interview, creator Casper Kelly name-checks Family Matters and Small Wonder as so-bad-they're-good inspirations.)
If you like Twin Peaks, '80s slasher movies, jokes that go on for way too long, meta-takes on TV like Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, or smoking the Devil's lettuce, you should probably check this out. Things do get a tad disturbing midway through, so proceed with caution. (Adult Swim)
<em>Courtesy of Adult Swim</em>

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