Michael B. Jordan Is Considering Online Dating

2Photo: Courtesy of AXE.
"I judged you for a minute when you walked in."
I was joining Michael B. Jordan on a sunset yacht cruise around Manhattan — an event to celebrate his new partnership with AXE. It also happens to be the perfect backdrop for romance. So, when the actor and general saucepot drops a line like that in an interview, you kind of hope he'll follow it up with a compliment. You know, something about your hair looking nice, or anything else that implies his judgement is that you, too, are a saucepot.
This was not the case, however. Jordan was referring to which fandom I fall under: "A lot of people are either Parenthood or Friday Night Lights fans," he said. "I pegged you as a Vince fan." Guilty. Also, impressive.
Yet, for all his premonitory skills, Jordan couldn't predict the way he'd be so warmly received by the comic book community for his upcoming role as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four. Not only have fans given him the big thumbs-up, but he's also received the nod from Chris Evans. "He said, 'You know what? I trust you,'" noting the former Johnny Storm had little advice to offer Jordan for the iconic role.
Perhaps that's because Jordan isn't so different from the characters he plays. When I asked him which role he thinks most accurately aligns with his personality, he again addressed my FNL obsession. "Not Vince. Probably Johnny. I’ll say that. I think I have a little bit of myself in all of my characters. That’s why my most successful roles are the ones where I add a little bit of myself to them," he explained.
It's nearly impossible to speak to Jordan and not address how beautiful — and single — he is. I asked him if he, like many twenty-somethings, would take to online dating. "I would consider it," he said. "I always thought I’d meet my girlfriend through mutual friends." It wasn't lost on me that Jordan and I were technically meeting through mutual acquaintances. But, in the meantime, keep your eye out for a chance to swipe right on one of the most eligible men in Hollywood.

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