Kevin Spacey Prank Calls Hillary Clinton

We can totally picture Frank Underwood from House of Cards being the Bart Simpson to Hillary Clinton's Moe. But, in this parody — sponsored by the Clinton Foundation — the reason for Frank's phony phone call is totally random.
See, Kevin Spacey (who plays Frank) is calling to find out what Hillary's getting her husband for his birthday. From her "rectangular office" (don't think we missed that little visual joke), Hillary repeats the same party line she gives over and over when asked if she's running for President: "This is a very personal decision that I will make when I am ready."
Spacey (whipping out a killer Bill Clinton impression he's undoubtedly had in his back pocket should SNL ever call for it) then changes tactics. He asks for an elephant, a reference to the fact that poaching is one of The Clinton Foundation's causes du jour. Buzzkill Hillary says that she just doesn't think an elephant — even a baby one — makes sense for their suburban home. Fine.
Ever the agile politician, Spacey-as-Frank-as-Bill pivots again, bringing up baby name ideas for Chelsea's soon-to-be-born child. When he suggests "Frank," Hillary finally calls his bluff and says she just wants Kevin to sign Bill's card. He receives a text from Bill asking if he suggested the elephant, to which he passes along the fact that "She'll make a decision when she's ready." Jokes! The Clinton Foundation loves 'em.
If you do happen to have an elephant guy, Bill Clinton's 68th birthday is on August 19. To Bill we say: Be careful what you wish for. Your backyard in Chappaqua may very well be swimming in baby elephants come Tuesday. (Time)

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