What Happens When You Don't Live In Brooklyn

Not living in Brooklyn can be a drag. Seriously. Have you, like me, ever felt like you're the only person in the room who lives in Manhattan? Good news: We're not alone. Laura Kosann, one half of the duo behind The New Potato, knows exactly how that feels. When Laura's sister, Danielle, up and moved across the East River, Danielle suddenly became obsessed with mason jars, plaid shirts, and locally grown produce. She gave up gluten and developed a certain sense of smugness that only comes with living in the BK.
In their latest video, "Not Living in Brooklyn in 2014," the sisters highlight the Great Borough Rift with much hilarity. Danielle talks homemade almond milk with designer Rebecca Minkoff; Laura gets stopped by passport control while trying to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. See, life really is hard for us Manhattanites. (The New Potato)

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