Mischa Barton's New Fashion Gig Involves Vaporizers (& Regrets)

Handbags, jewelry, e-cigs — only one of these items do we consider when we're planning our outfits for the day. Sure, you could argue that someone who smokes regularly might think of their vaporizer as an essential, but you won't find us comparing it to a Proenza Schouler bag. However, Mischa Barton sees things differently. Or, at least she's about to.
There have been a couple Barton career highlights over the past few years (remember this handbag line?), but this recent partnership with VAPESTICK is probably the one we would never have seen coming. Mischa's teaming with the brand to help find the best-dressed vaper in the U.K. — also known as VAPESTICK's Style Icon.
While this job choice sounds questionable — and may invite criticism — according to a recent interview with Metro, this decision may be the most clear-minded one Barton's ever made. In comparison, she told the publication that she might not have even taken a role on The O.C. had she known how her life would have publicly unfolded afterward. "‘It’s something I came so close to not doing," she said, adding, "People say 'be grateful for what you have,' but it [was] certainly not the kind of thing I was expecting it to be."
Now, in addition to helping to scope out good-looking people with a smoking habit — she's got experience there actually — Mischa's also fronting the brand's campaign with an e-cig in tow. Even if you disagree with her choice of, err, accessory, we think that the once-iconic Cali girl looks pretty awesome in the official photos. Shiny leather and all-black ensembles are a far cry from the character we knew best in denim mini skirts and frilly sleeved tanks, but this sleeker, all-grown-up style suits Marissa Cooper Mischa even better. Click ahead for a closer look at Barton's smokey — and pretty surprising — shoot. (Daily Mail)

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