Emma Watson Is Really Sofia Vergara In A Mask (Huh?)

Today in what-the-what news: Emma Watson is not who she claims she is. Her artistic skills, yogi lifestyle, and formidable French tongue are all a front. Turns out, she's not Emma Watson at all. She is Sofia Vergara in a gorgeous, little mask.
Okay, so Sofia Vergara is not Emma Watson, and Emma Watson is not, indeed, a mask celebrities throw on when they want to appear multitalented and charmingly British. The clip above is actually from an advertisement for Maskon, an online store specializing in full face and torso silicon masks. A YouTube user, who goes by the name of curveballbe, uploaded this CGI'd clip and that's all that's known. Where did it come from? Who is curveballbe? How did this idea even manifest itself? What is love? (Baby, don't hurt me.) Speculate below.

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