Beauty Boosters: 6 Products That Are Made To Mix

We're not going to make a "Have it your way" joke or anything, but who hasn't wished that it was possible to create the exact beauty product you're craving at any given moment? Whether your moisturizer isn't quite hydrating enough, or your regular foundation just isn't providing the coverage you need, sometimes you just need something more...specific. And, it might just be the reason why us beauty junkies feel the need to stock up on so many products. Hey, our (beauty) needs are subject to change, okay?
Thankfully, the industry has caught on to our fickleness, and more products are being created with the purpose of putting control back into the customers' hands. These customizable products can give you the exact amount of coverage, hydration, or even bronzing that you crave — so, while you might not be able to have it all your way, at least your beauty routine will fit the bill.
Keep clicking to see the best ways to customize your beauty routine.

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