Let Game Of Thrones Take Over Your Playlist, Courtesy Of Rdio

We've told you a thousand times but in case you weren't paying attention, we'll tell you once more. Game of Thrones premieres this Sunday. In preparation, we've flooded your screen with ingenious recaps, inventive party games, and castle crash pads. In case that wasn't enough Game of Thrones-related content, we're right back with more.
Below you'll find a series of fan-curated Game of Thrones playlists courtesy of the social jukebox Rdio. Whether your favorite character is Jon Snow or Tyrion Lannister, Rdio has you covered. Even King Joffrey's fans get some love here, with a playlist that features the song "King of Pain" by the Police over and over again. Granted, you'd likely have to be a pretty maladjusted individual to use that as your workout playlist, but if torturing small animals is your thing, please feel free! We're not here to judge. Check out the playlists below!

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