Tired Of Group Texts? There's An App For That

1Illustrated by Gabriela Alford.
Group texts can be a blast. You can share inside jokes with your friends. You can share emojis with your friends. You can share play-by-plays of your disastrous Tinder date with your friends. But, you're also victim to dozens of incessant notifications at all hours of the day, draining your battery and interrupting, well, everything.
Some group chats are great, but others just won't end — which is why the inventors of GroupXiT created an app that lets us selectively duck out of text chains. In the app, you can review your text messages and choose which ones to silence or hide for good. In other words, it offers some much-needed digital peace and quiet. The only downside? It's not available for iPhones just yet, so Android users get to be the lucky guinea pigs. Download the app here and report back, please.

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