This Is What Vogue Ukraine Looks Like This Month

vogue-ukraine-1Photo: Courtesy of Vogue Ukraine.
Earlier this week, The Fug Girls compiled a roundup of 11 international magazine covers that gives you a little taste of what the grocery-store checkout line looks like across the globe. While there's an odd nip slip from Russia and a Tyra-unapproved pose from India, the fashions are still familiar, and the lingual and cultural differences are fascinating to flip through. And, tucked among the 11 is this March 2014 issue of Vogue Ukraine featuring model Suvi Koponen and photographed by Cuneyt Akeroglu.
In the edition? A spread on shirts, a profile on Ukrainian TV presenter Mary Efrosinina, and a retrospective of Dries Van Noten. The Fug Girls (and we) were pretty unimpressed with the strange painted-siding cover, but — as they said — "It's also probably accurate that the editors at Vogue Ukraine have way bigger problems right now." To see more of the international covers, click through to Go Fug Yourself.

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