Facebook Knows When You're Going To Break Up

1Illustrated by Ly Ngo.
Valentine's Day is officially over, which means you're either basking in a post-romance glow or debating whether to dump the guy who made you a box of macaroni and cheese for your "special dinner." Deciding when to end a relationship is never easy, but luckily it's not always up to you. Sometimes it's up to Facebook. That's right, the social network is invading yet another aspect of our lives.
The company's latest data study centers around the "L" word, and the results are, well, creepy. It turns out that Facebook tracked the trajectory of breakups on the site — half of relationships that have made it past the three-month mark are likely to last four years or longer. The biggest swing in breakups comes about two years in, and if you got dumped in 2011 you're not alone; it was a dark time for couples across the site.
In addition to breakups, Facebook also did research to find out where most of the single users reside. Not too surprisingly, we're least likely to find love in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and New York. Colorado Springs ranked as the best city for lovers, so if you'll excuse us we'll be packing our backs for mountain country. And, aiming for that magic three-month mark. (Policy Mic)

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