The Shoshi Games Are, Like, Totally Stealing Olympic Gold

So, the 2014 Winter Games have been waging on for, oh, six days, and only one meme has surfaced. Now, the Ashley Wagner Face is good; it makes for a fabulous, timely response to sassy text messages, but it's not #winning.
Behold, The Shoshi Games: the gold medal winner for marrying Internet humor with zeitgeist-y television, where Shoshanna from Girls is in about every Olympic event possible and counting. It's not like the real games aren't important, but, like, Shoshanna is totally coming out of left field on a wrecking ball with her eyes on the prize. (What that prize is, however, remains a mystery as confounding as why Lena Dunham has out-Shoshanna'd Shoshanna.)
Ha! Oh, Shosh. She (and the Tumblr genius with more time and wit on his side than the average human) is just so hyped up on that blue Red Bull to stop competing. See her pop up in a luge; watch her perform a triple axel into a toe-loop jump (which, if she were really here to remind us, is called a cherry flip in Europe — duh). Nailed it, Shosh. We're rootin' for ya, even if you're actually a secret spy creeping around the Olympics wondering where Ray is.

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