Meet Glimpse, The One App Separating You From Your Insta-Crush

GLIMPSEPhoto: Courtesy of Glimpse.
We were raised to never judge a book by its cover, but really, we do just that. Say you're out at a social event being all social with other social animals, and someone catches your eye. The honest answer to what drew you to them is twofold: their appearance and their vibe, the latter of which is based on their presentation, or rather, their cover.
Dating sites and apps like Tinder (among a slew of others) have made it A-OK to judge a person based solely on appearance. But now there's Glimpse, a new dating app that syncs not with Facebook, but with your Instagram feed.
Like Tinder, it shuffles a deck of potential romances based on location. However, Glimpse encourages users to use the nine photo (ten if you include the profile picture) capacity to paint a well-rounded picture of who they are. That's why it pulls from Instagram, the social media platform where sharing everything from food, to travel, to a cool button, to, yes, a selfie is fair game.
Glimpse believes "we're telling the wrong story." Seeing the world through a potential date's eyes is more enticing than seeing their abs, pretty face, or duck pout (though, those aren't the worst things to look at). Tinder users often call out their Instagram handles, so why not remove the extra step of opening yet another app to figure out if you like someone or not. It's a new approach to online dating that's refreshing, and frankly, challenges the one making the profile to really think about how they present their world to, well, the world. Happy Glimpsing.

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