Why One Editor Thinks Manicures Are The Worst, In GIFs

Manicures. Add them to the list of things that women are supposed to love, but may actually despise, along with shopping, juice cleanses, and Brazilian waxes. After getting a mani-pedi last weekend for the first time in months (a year?), I came across this list of GIFs and laughed out loud. Because despite my job as a beauty editor, I don't actually enjoy getting my nails done. Shocker, I know.
Here's the thing — it seems like it's kind of impossible to just get your nails and toes painted these days. At the nail salon with a friend recently, I was treated with shock and awe when I didn't sign up for the extra massages, callous removals, etc. I'm sorry, but I just wanted to receive what I had asked for, pay my 20% tip, and peace out. Instead, I was reminded why I enjoy giving myself mani-pedis in the peace of my own home. No one rushes you while you're standing in front of your medicine cabinet, trying in vain to choose between burgundy and oxblood. No one raises an eyebrow when you decide that, no, you don't need to hack away at nonexistent calluses with a razor. And, no one stares at you anxiously while your nails and toes dry, just WAITING for you to smudge a nail. Yeah, I think I'll be handling my cuticles myself from now on.
Obviously, I'm not the only one that feels this way. So, please click along to The Gloss to see all of the ways that manicures are kind of the worst, for some of us at least. (The Gloss)
Opening image photographed by Winnie Au.

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