Skype Sex Can Save A Long Distance Relationship — Thanks Science!

Skype_RelationshipsIllustrated by Ly Ngo.
Carrie Bradshaw once freaked out when Aiden signed on to AOL and, shocker(!), wondered out loud whether or not he could see her. A valid question for 2001 — even though webcams weren't really a thing yet. Always ahead of the trend, Carrie.
We digress. Had Carrie and Aiden been together today and happened to, say, open Skype, they'd be able to see each other. (Yes, there's the whole Mr. Big situation, but that's another story for another day.) Skype has actually proved itself to be quite the relationship saver since its 2003 launch. A recent study of its users conducted by the Idea Lab for Microsoft revealed that 96% of Skype users in long distance relationships believe it has strengthened their connection.
Almost half of those polled credit the service for saving their relationships. 20% have even gone on "Skype dates." We're not too sure what that entails, but intrigued we are. Most calls last around seven minutes, which would make for a mighty short first impression. Unless, of course, these "dates" are really "naughty calls" (by which we mean cybersex). Seven minutes in heaven, anyone? If so, we know of a perfect companion to the amp up the fun: the vibrating underwear. It's real, remote-controlled, and the perfect Skype-mate.

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