3 Tapas Perfect For Winter, Courtesy Of Nolita's Plan B

When winter weather hits, we daydream about warmer, more inviting climates. We'd give just about anything to see a tropical vacation. Even a day without wearing seven layers of clothing would be nice. But, since a trip to the tropics is a bit out of reach, we're opting for the next best thing: the cuisine that makes us feel like we're in milder climates.
Enter Plan B. Though the Northern Spanish resto calls Mulberry Street home, it's enough to convince you that you've temporarily left New York. This winter, Plan B is cooking up three new tapas perfect for escaping the cold. And, if you're in the market for a weekend project, it's offering classes to teach you how to cook 'em. Click through to see the amazing dishes available now. Add a glass of sangria, and you'll feel instantly transported.
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Photo: Courtesy of Plan B.
Spanish blood sausage is layered between a sweet potato and mushroom puree. To garnish, the chefs add a sweet potato chip and a fresh herb oil. If you're brave enough to make this at home, you can pick up blood sausage at Despaña on Broome Street.
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Photo: Courtesy of Plan B.
During winter, we tend to channel our inner carb monster. And, though tapas aren't traditionally where you'd see pasta and noodles, Plan B's Fideo dish offers just that. The short pasta is cooked with onion, garlic, red pepper, shrimp stock, and fresh calamari and octopus. Consider it a Mediterranean reunion.
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Photo: Courtesy of Plan B.
Fabada Asturiana
Perfect for those mega-cold days, this stew of beans and sausage will warm you up. The secret ingredients? Fava beans, chorizo, morcillo, smoked paprika, and saffron. Oh, and water buffalo.

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