New Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Book Is In The Works!

lisbeth_salander_noomi_rapace_large_2_dropPhoto: Courtesy Yellow Bird Films.
Yep, yep — despite the middling box-office success of David Fincher's frankly kinda dull film adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in 2011, some industrious Swedes are cooking up a fourth installment of the "Millennium" trilogy.
But, hold on, you say, isn't author Stieg Larsson, you know, dead? Indeed, Larsson tragically passed before any of his three chilling novels starring post-goth, feminist, techie icon Lisbeth Salander hit bookstores, missing out on his creations' massive international success. Shame. The fact that he has not returned to life, however, hasn't stopped his publisher, Norstedts, from signing author David Lagercrantz to crafting up a forth chapter of the saga.
Now, before you peg this as just a cynical krona grab (which it kinda is), consider that Larsson was at work on a fourth Millennium book at the time of his death (his manuscript will not be used here), and he'd planned a total of 10 books for Salander and her rumpled partner, Mikael Blomkvist. As well, characters from many literary genres have lived on well after their creators have passed — James Bond and Sherlock Holmes just to name two. Maybe this move is a sign that Salander and Blomkvist have transcended their origins, becoming figures onto themselves ripe for reinterpretation. Then again, money!
Whatever, if there's a chance this gets the star of the Swedish film version of the trilogy, Noomi Rapace, back in leather and spikes, we're into it. Of course, you'll be able to decide for yourself some time when the translation of the untitled sequel hits the stands sometime after August 2015. (Telegraph)

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