Home Alone's New (& More Accurate) Movie Trailer

home-aloneslide-1Photo: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
With Thanksgiving now a delicious, distant memory, most of us are pulling ourselves together and getting our December priorities in line: choosing a holiday station on Pandora and lining up your favorite festive movies on Netflix. At the top of the list for millennials? John Hughes' Home Alone. The story line is etched into our collective consciousness at this point: A young Macaulay Culkin is accidentally left behind when his (fairly bizarre) family departs for the holidays and must defend his home from two (fairly hapless) burglars. But, have you ever considered just how dark and frightening the plot line is? Probably not. Luckily, Screen Junkies, the makers of Honest Trailers, decided to level with us about Home Alone and made a new preview for the film that's a little more realistic (in their point of view).
The Screen Junkies are particularly insightful, describing the classic as “one part Ferris Bueller and one part Saw.” They also argue that Kevin “shows all the signs of becoming a sociopath,” which is a fair point, given the house of horror he creates to get the two baddies. But, it’s hard for us to think of Kevin as anything other than an adorable boy trying to protect his home, so we're taking the video with a grain of salt.
Perhaps the best part of the revamped teaser is when the voice-over points out the abundance of poinsettias around Kevin’s house. It might just inspire a new drinking game while you're watching Home Alone again this year. (People)

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