Squee! New Britney Spears' Song Leaked, & It's Groovy

Summer is over. Which means that, yes, "Blurred Lines" is going out as the warm weather anthem of 2013. (Whether or not you accept that is up to you.) However, if you want to know what jam is going to be playing in the club/bar/T.G.I. Fridays this fall, it has arrived. The adrenaline-fueled, smokey-voiced Britney Spears is back, and she wants you to know that it is time to werk, err...work.
Her new song, "Work Bitch," has an aggressive beat, with a super auto-tuned Brit telling us to get to work. It's impossible not to imagine the video, which will feature some serious dance moves and a sweaty, tousled Spears in her amazing Blonds jumper (hopefully). The beat is hard, the drops are heavy, and her voice is demanding. The jam of fall 2013 is here. Don't listen to it too much immediately, because it'll surely be in heavy rotation over the next few months.

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